44 adventures: A5 Negril, Jamaica

Part deux

A5: Negril, Jamaica

Day 3 of my trip to Jamaica was spent away from the resort. We took the opportunity to book an excursion to Negril. The inspiration for the trip to Jamaica was the book and movie, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. There were many scenes filmed in Negril, including the one where she allows her son to cliff dive at Rick’s Café. When the event planner mentioned the trip to Rick’s we knew we had to do it. So after a good breakfast, we threw on our swimsuits, cover ups and loaded up on the bus to Negril.

Met some folks from London at the bar while waiting for our tour.

The ride was about 90 minutes long and what a ride it was! I knew they drove on the wrong side of the road so I was able to remain calm about that. What I didn’t know was that they drove so fast and aggressive on such narrow roads! At one point, we went around a curve on what felt like two wheels. I just knew we were going to flip and take out the goats that were walking on the side of the road! I was trying to remember if my uninsured motorist coverage would cover me out of the country!(that’s the insurance adjuster in me). Along the trip, the driver and tour guide pointed out some interesting sights. We saw an all-inclusive, free resort(the jail), one bedroom underground condos(graveyard), and something all of us American’s recognized, the Keep From Cooking company(KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken).

We also passed by the homes of some celebrities, though we really couldn’t see much more than their gates. Sophia Lauren and Ralph Lauren have estates right across from each other, Sylvester Stallone has an amazing ‘hut’ on the hills overlooking the beach, and we also passed Bill Cosby’s estate, but no one cared.

We arrived at Seven Mile Beach where we stayed for a couple of hours. It was beautiful! The water was cool and crystal blue. We joked that there was someone out there cleaning that water every day.

We enjoyed the water until Mr. Stingray came over and tried to make friends. And even though we were told that he was harmless, I just didn’t feel very friendly so I let him have his home back and went back to my beach chair under the almond trees. Yes! Almond trees!

There is an almond inside of there!

After enjoying some local vegetation, O_o, we ordered lunch. Well, we picked our lunch out of the ocean and had it grilled right on the beach. There was an amazing lobster shack that we had to try.

As you can see, I made friends with my lil buddy before I ate him up. The butter concoction that he put on top of the lobster is amazing, and in his words ‘world famous’. It was definitely amazing!

After we endured a pretty heavy downpour, we made our way back to the bus and headed to some local markets. I picked up some souvenirs for my family and some locally grown Blue mountain coffee and Jamaican rum cream.

The new best part of waking up…rum cream in my cup!

After shopping we made it to Rick’s café to enjoy the cliff divers, some music and watch the sunset.

The clouds didn’t cooperate so we only got to see a little of the sun descending but it was absolutely beautiful. Just sitting on the side of the cliff, watching the party boats come in, folks diving and swimming in the clear blue water, sipping on frozen drinks and seeing the sun slowly fall into the water was one of the best evenings I had ever spent.

We made it back to the resort, just in time to change clothes, grab a quick dinner, more drinks, and catch some entertainment at the resort.

Stay tuned for day 4!

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44 adventures: A4 Montego Bay, Jamiaca

Hey Mon! I’m so excited to write this post. I’m just getting back from the island of JAMAICA! It was an amazing trip with an amazing group of women. I had some amazing adventures and even tried a pretty decent bottle of wine while I was there.

A4: First international trip

We flew into Montego Bay on Wednesday and checked into our resort, the beautiful Riu Regage resort. The hotel lobby is open so that as soon as you pull up you see the breath taking view of the beach and emerald blue water.

After we got off the shuttle, we were greeted by Ms. Yanique with a class of champagne.

This was my first trip to Jamaica and my first trip out of the country. We spent the first day touring the resort, enjoying the bar, beach, dinner buffet, and enjoying the entertainment on the resort. This resort was small but it was adults only which was perfect for a girls trip!

Ms. Nadine giving us our first cocktail before we had a chance to get our bags to the room!

The second cocktail….about 3 minutes after the first!

We spent the next day at the resort by the pool, enjoying drinks, dancing, laughing and meeting some great people.

It’s 10:30am #DontJudgeUs

I now only want to get in pools with swim up bars. #spoiled

There was also jerk chicken cooked and served beach side and fresh coconut water.

Gotta stay hydrated #MajorKey


Yes, we are still at the bar!!

I don’t want the posts to be super long so I’m going to break them up into separate posts. Stay tuned for the next adventure!

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44 adventures with wine…A1-A3 W1-6

My intention when I set the goal to go on 44 adventures and try 44 new wines in this 44th year of Bliss was to write about my adventures and wines right after they happened. Well, I’ve had 3 adventures and 6 new wines and I get a grade of, D for didn’t do it! 🙄 

I don’t know why I haven’t written. I can make up some reasons but I’m sure you don’t want to read those. So instead of a super long post about the adventures and wines I will just share some pictures and a few captions for your enjoyment and promise to do better next time. 

W1: This Marietta blend was the first new wine I tried. It was a splurge at $25 but well worth it! Thanks Liz! YOLO! 

I’m not a expert on how to describe wines. Im not even an amateur! I just know what I like. I think you can enjoy this with a really heavy meal, like beef or pasta with a rich red sauce. Liz and I  enjoyed it with fried chicken and hookah because, black.

A1 with W2-5

My cousin invited me out for a day at Chateau Elan. It was a great way to spend a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon. We had brunch at the restaurant in the hotel, followed by a tour of the winery and then a wine tasting. 

W5: Spent some time exploring a new beverage center here in Columbus and picked up this Rose from one of my favorite vineyards. It’s very light and refreshing. I enjoyed it with a Stevie Wonder playlist and good conversation but feel free to have it with a light meal, a salad course or fried chicken and hookah.😉


RWTD!! I finally got a chance to check out an WNBA game. The Atlanta Dream vs the LA Sparks. THE DREAM WON!! So grateful to have a chance to watch Candace Parker play in person. This chick is huge! It was a really fun experience. Before the game we grabbed lunch at California Kitchen and since we were soooooo close, we had to grab some donuts from the famous Sublime Donuts after the game.  The only downside to this perfect Saturday was it took some time to get the Yellow Jacket scent out of our clothes. #THWGT #GODAWGS

A3: I have taken a lot of spin classes. But this one was TOTALLY DIFFERENT. First it was a birthday party. My friend decided she would give her friends a little taste of her Tuesday and Thursday morning Xtreme spin class. Secondly,  It was like working out in a night club. Check out Total Fitness Revolution in Mableton, Ga if you get a chance!

I have so many more adventures planned and so many more wines to try. Looking forward to updating you again soon!


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BE aMAYzing…days 14-20

Week two of #BEaMAYzing was a little challenging. I didn’t feel my best emotionally but I made it through the week. Here are some pictures from the past week…

I did miss posting the new vegetable I tried. I purchased broccoli rabe and tried it.

 I’m not sure if it was the way I prepared it or what but I did not like it at all. 😝  I MAY try it again prepared another way. I’m wondering if I should have just roasted it since that is my favorite way to cook veggies these days. *shrugs*
Here is what you will see in the coming week…

May 14th Treat yourself

May 15th  Sugar free day

May 16th Scripture meditation

May 17th Water Wednesday

May 18th Eat a healthy breakfast

May 19th Take your vitamins/supplements

May 20th Spend some time outside

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Be aMAYzing…days 7 to 13

Last week I wrote about my plan to have an Amazing May by doing something good for myself every day of the month. It’s part of my spring cleaning rituals that will bring good vibes, good energy and positivity into my life. I am chronicling this project on my Instgram page, MsBliss1212 under the hasthtag #beAMAYzing.  I used the first week as a jumpstart to eating healthy and working out consistently. Check out the pictures from days 1-6.

Here are my plans for days 7-13

May 7 Treat yourself

May 8 Make time for meditation

May 9 Head outside for a long walk

May 10 Drink 100 oz of water

May 11 Try a new vegetable

May 12 Drink 3 cups of green tea

May 13 Get  13,000 steps today

Have an AMAZING week!

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First quarter goals update…

At the beginning of 2017 I wrote about some goals I wanted to accomplish. Well,  here we are in the middle of the second quarter and I haven’t given an update. And whhhhhhyyyyy haven’t I updated you? Well,  I’ve been busy crushing these goals and haven’t had time to write.

*ahem* Let’s just go with that, shall we?

Here are the goals for 2017 and how I did or didn’t do on them Q1…

Faith: Learning to hear God’s voice and finding what His purpose is for me by reading the bible and meditating on it daily.  I crushed this goal! Not only am I reading the bible more and meditating, but I also started a devotional group with some of my friends.  I am starting to understand God’s purpose for my life and I am actively working on that every day. #GodSoGood

Fitness: Lose 20 pounds and lower my blood pressure by going to the gym at least 3 days per week and eating healthy 80% of the time.  NOT even close on this one. I think I hit the gym 14 times Q1…Here is a current photo of me and my diet for the past 3 months…

I obviously have some work to do over the next few months and I’ve started! I have been working out more consistently so far and I’m tracking my calories!

Family: Work on planning a family reunion for my Mom’s side of the family.  I’m kinda 50/50  on this one. I’ve done some brainstorming and I have some ideas but no real movement on the plans…YET! We did have a family Superbowl party! Here are some pics before my HEART WAS BROKEN AND SNATCHED OUT OF MY CHEST WITH RUSTY PLIERS DIPPED IN BLEACH…😭

Finances: To complete 20% of my five year savings goal by reducing my spending on eating out and finding ways to add to my income.  Another one bites the dust! I’m way ahead on this one. If things go as planned, I should be at 25% savings by the end of this year.

*pats self on back*

*throws dollars* Ayyyyeee!

Bank account looks at me like…

*picks them back up* 😔

Fun:  Continue to find fun and excitement in every day by being grateful and positive.  Did you have any doubts on this one? Chile, please! I CRUSHED IT!

Yeah I know this post is Prince heavy….

I’m still actively working on staying committed and focused on my goals. I set a weekly reminder on my phone to review them so that they stay on my mind. I’m hoping to be crushing all of them by Q2.

How are you doing on your 2017 goals?

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BE aMAYzing! 

It’s May! I am smack dab in the middle of a wonderful spring renewal. I love spring! It’s the season of my birthday, Easter, and the return of long days.  Flowers are starting to push up, trees get their leaves back, and the weather gets warmer. I think the only thing that I don’t like about spring is that spring forward foolishness. Can we just leave the time alone? If 45 made that happen I would say his time at 1600 was a success!

Right before the start of spring, I found myself getting rid of stuff. I threw stuff OUT! Physical stuff in my house that I no longer enjoyed, friendships that were draining, and habits that were keeping me from bliss. I also forced myself to write and repeat affirmations throughout the entire month of April and I shared them on Facebook. Right now I am starting another spring ritual to keep my renewal going. During the month of May, I will do something daily to make me feel better physically, mentally or spiritually.  I hope these little habits will help to bring good vibes, good energy and positivity into my life. Please feel free to join me. I will be sharing mine on IG(@MsBliss1212) and on my Facebook page  with the hashtag #BEaMAYzing.  Each week I will post the week’s list here.  Check out my ideas for week 1.

May 1 Use Myfitnesspal to track my calories and stay under my calorie goal.

May 2 Have a bowl of fruit for my night time snack

May 3 Drink 100 oz of water

May 4 Make a wake up playlist to energize my mornings

May 5 Cinco de Mayo…Make a margarita with real fruit instead of those sugar filled mixes!

May 6 Drink my greens

May 7 Treat yourself!

Feel free to use my lists or come up with your owns. Let’s make this the best Spring ever!

What are your spring rituals?

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