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Yesterday was a pretty exciting and emotional day. It was my son’s last first day of school. And It was the last first day of school that I had to prepare for as a parent. I’m a little emotional knowing the baby boy is almost done with high school. But more than anything…


Yes I am Marshawn

I love new beginnings and the start of new things. So I thrive when it’s the beginning of the month, a new moon, a new season and a new school year. It’s a time to learn from my mistakes of the past and make the new-new  better. And even though I’ve had first day of schools since 2000, when my daughter started, there is always something to learn. You can search Pinterest or get your Google on with back to school tips that will be full of advice from organized parents and experts telling you to check book bags, pack lunches at night, lay out clothes at night, and put up a family calendar, blah, blah, perfect life, blah. I know all of that. Most of those are ways to save time and be organized. What I wanted to know was what I can do as a parent to make sure my child has a great year and succeeds. Who would know better than the educators that work with them day in and day out. I am old enough to be able to have friends that are teachers and principals and a few of them shared their top tips to have a great school year. Here is what they had to say….

1. The beginning of a new school year is very hectic on teachers and staff, so try to be patient and understanding as things get settled early on in the school year.

2.  Always make sure your child’s teachers and school have the most current contact information in case they need to get in touch with you.

3. Be supportive of your child’s teacher and the work they are doing for your child. This includes, but is not limited to, showing up to parent teacher conferences and making sure your child completes homework and projects.

4. Let the school know if your child is in need of anything.  You have to let the teacher know if your child’s needs are not being met. Always be your child’s biggest and best advocate. If your child isn’t able to  tell you what they did in class it should be a concern and you may need to call the teacher to see what is going on in the classroom and try to find the reason your child is not aware.

5. Establish a time and space for your child to do homework and/or read. This sends the message that education is important and should be a priority.

6. Encourage your child to set high expectations and goals for themselves.  ‘I want to have at least 100 AR points for reading 10 books by the end of the first semester.’ ‘By the end of the year, I want to score higher in science class than I did last year.’  ‘I want to maintain an A average for the remainder of the year so I can quality for the Beta club.’ Make sure to show your child how to monitor their progress.

7. Encourage your child to keep pounding towards excellence and don’t be afraid to be great in the classroom

As parents and teachers we are a team that has a goal to make sure we help our child become productive members of our society.  Thank you to my friends for the tips and advice. I hope it helps you to help your child have a successful year!
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