44 adventures…A7 Hiked to a waterfall

I’m officially intrigued with waterfalls. A few months ago I saw a picture of one on one of my social media sites and started looking up waterfalls close to me. The closest one was right across the state lines in Auburn Alabama. I immediately made a mental note to visit.

The waterfall was located in Chewcala State Park in Auburn, Alabama. It’s less than an hour away from me, which is the perfect day trip distance. After a quick stop for gas and lunch and we arrived at the entrance to the park.

The park ranger or whatever he was called was not very friendly at all. He took the $4 entrance fee and didn’t offer a map, instructions or anything. Perhaps it was the Florida flags on the vehicle I was in. Here I was, a Georgia bulldog, with a Florida fan, in Auburn country. I should have yelled Go Dawgs out of the window at him, but he had a gun.

But anyway, back to the adventure.

Driving through the park was creepy to me. It was short winding roads surrounded by woods. We drove for several minutes and finally saw a pavillion and a map but no waterfall. We decided to park and check it out. We finally found a sign that told us where the waterfall was. There were several ways to get to the waterfall. How many of you know I chose the shortest hike? *counts everyone’s hands*

As we made our way toward the sound of water, it was a fairly easy hike. The trail was rough as it was uneven with a lot of rocks and tree roots but it was all down hill. As we got closer, we could hear the water and I was pretty excited.

Yes, there was a photo shoot….

The planned ‘off guard’

‘get the words on my t-shirt’

‘hold on let me fix my hair’

After hanging out at the falls, and a pretty TOUGH climb back up to the top, we decided to check out some more of the park. We found where the waterfall flowed from and spent some time hanging out at that part of the park.

that’s the top of the waterfall in the back of the picture

swimming hole with diving board….NOPE FROM ME, DAWG

Since we were so close to Auburn, we decided to head into town and check things out. I love Auburn(bump the football team though). I really love the downtown area of most cities, but it’s something really special about a college football town. I think it’s the energy there. I also love all of the local restaurants and spots right around the campus and surrounding the famous Toomer’s corner.

I love brick streets too

As we were looking for a place to park, I spied with my #fatgullswag eye, a donut shop. If I had been driving you would have heard tires screaching as I slammed on brakes in front of it. But since I wasn’t, we found a place to park and walked around the corner to it. It was called University Donut Company and it was EVERYTHING!

hole lotta lovin’ indeed! 

Aint God good?

I wanted them all….

Cakes too….BAEBEH!

Ms Blueberry hill was amazing! 

Lemon Lavender Cake

The owner was so sweet. She told us the story of the College Game day crew stopping in and later coming back and buying her out of her version of the maple bacon donut she calls, Sticky Pig. She was sold out of that flavor but she did have a similar one. AND I HAD TO TRY IT! BRUHHHH, IT WAS A DONUT WITH A SAUSAGE INSIDE OF IT! #LORDT!

My new best friend…Sweet Souie

She warmed it up for me and well….

Poor little Souie….

After murdering donuts, we made our way down to the famous Toomer’s drug store.

I was just going to peak inside to say I had been and keep it moving. But I could smell fresh lemons as I got closer to the door! I love lemonade and apparently this was the place in Auburn to get it. The line extended from the front of the store to the rear and you know I got in it that line! (I’m very impatient unless i’m waiting for food) The lemonade is made fresh right behind the counter and it was delicious. Swear if I had some pineapple Ciroc…nevermind. They also have hand dipped ice cream and a bunch of Auburn crap. (Go Dawgs).

This was an amazing Saturday. A little hike for the body, seeing God’s work for the spirit, a little history of Toomer’s drugs for the mind, and donuts for the #fatgullswag created a truly harmonious day! Shoot, the following Sunday wasn’t too bad either because I had the goat cheeese, fig, elderflower cheesecake from UDC for breakfast! LOL

Enjoy! Comment! Share!



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