44 adventures with wine A6:W7 Ochos Rios, Jamaica

A6: Ochos Rios, Jamaica

When we planned the excursion to Negril we also planned one other excursion. We began discussing climbing Dunn’s River falls as soon as we planned the trip. After another great breakfast, we loaded up on a party bus that took us on a tour from Montego Bay to Ochos Rios. The bus was fun and full of people looking to have a great time. On the way we saw a creepy house that was famous because some lady killed all of her slave owners, one by one, until she eventually become the owner of the house. And in a shocking twist, she was killed by her servants. The place is now considered one of the most haunted properties in Jamaica. Rose Hall was probably my least favorite story on the tour, because #ScaryCat. We also rode by the high school, where Jamaica’s own living legend, Usain Bolt, began his quest to be the fastest man in the world. I didn’t get a picture of his high school but I did spend a grip on a couple of his t-shirts for my son and nephew.

Signature collection they said….chile that ain’t nothing but overpriced Nike

After a slightly less scary ride than the Negril trip, we arrived in Ochos Rios, where we boarded the boat. The crew was so cool and fun. They played music and encouraged us to dance and have fun as we cruised the beautiful waters. The unofficial term for the excursion was ‘booze cruise’ but since we were going to snorkel and then climb a waterfall, there was no booze initially. #SafetyFirst I declined to snorkel because I was feeling a little queezy.(it wasn’t the Overproof I’m sure). I sat on the side of the boat and entertained some of the crew with my lack of knowledge of geography as they side eyed my fake name for the day. They laughed a little too hard when Ms. Kiwi didn’t know Jamaica was on the Caribbean Sea. LOL

Chukka tours


After the snorkeling, the boat took off for Dunn’s Falls. I think this was my favorite part of the trip. The waterfall was beautiful and serene and climbing it was fun and challenging.

The guides were so helpful as we navigated the slippery rocks. They pushed us past our fears and we had THE best time. We don’t have many pictures from the climb from our phones, just some once we reached the top. There was a videographer that scaled the waterfall, camera in hand, and captured some really cool and funny moments for us. I hate I can’t share those with you, but I don’t have any idea how to save them to my laptop from that video. But feel free to come by with coffee and Jamaican rum cream and I will be happy to play it for you! 🙂

After we reached the top, Lord, we had to walk back down the steps to the bus. We made our way to the bus, dried off, and were handed the first of many cups of rum punch! The booze cruise started! As we made our way back to the dock, we ran into some really rough water as a storm was brewing, but it didn’t stop the party. We danced and sang, and drank rum punch until we reached the docks. It was so much fun. All excursions need to be by booze cruise. #majorkey

rum punch and sea legs

After we docked, we had lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, then headed back to the bus, where we danced and sang all the way back to the resort!

We took a quick shower, grabbed some dinner, and chilled at the bar with the bartenders and had a few more drinks for the night.

My fave bartender, Abraham. He worked hard to get the mojitos perfect!

I thought our final day would be spent lounging, drinking and eating. While we did that, we also ended up in a water aerobics class. It was fun but difficult since the instructor tried to murder our rotator cuffs with all the shoulder exercises. I gave him all the side eyes!

Side eye under the shades and curse words under my breath…because I should have been at the jerk hut behind us.

After the workout, we went for a quick soak in the cold whirlpool, and then spent a few minutes in the steam shower, just because we could!


Then it was back poolside to drink, people watch and try to memorize the view of our last day in paradise. When we left the pool, on our way to our room, we ran into our friend ‘Drake’ and his fiance. We called him Drake because he’s from Toronto. (I don’t know his real name and he didn’t know mine. I was Lisa the day he met me, and he called me Lisa the entire trip!)He told us that if we needed a boost, to try some espresso martini’s or espresso martini shots. I wanted to take a nap before dinner but who says no to Drake? I went for the shots. Whew boy! They woke us right up! And when we decided they needed a little something extra, we asked Ms. Petrina to add a shot of rum cream on top! Perfection! Where can I get those in the States? If you know, let me know!

The resort had a buffet but also three other restaurants. Since it was our last night we decided to try one of the other restaurants. I wanted an excuse to dress up a little. Shoot, I packed a pair of heels and I wanted to wear them.

#Trap LOL

After a little wait, we enjoyed a decent dinner. I was also able to finally try a new bottle of wine.

W7: Cabernet Sauvingnon, Finca Las Virtudes.

It was my first Spanish wine. It tasted like most other cab sauvs I have had. It is what I like to call a keep on. Keep on drinking until it gets really good. I mean by glass three aren’t all wines good? NO! Just to me? Ok!

‘Just leave the bottle, it will save you some steps’ ~Me

After dinner, we made our way out to the beach, where there was a beach party and ‘bon fire’. We danced and laughed and took pictures. The heels came off and we ended our vacation with our toes in the sand!

Bon fires are small in Jamaica and no, I don’t know the white couple

Petrina ‘espresso shot slayer’ and some photo bombers from South Carolina…at the bar. Again

The next morning, we had one last breakfast, tried to fit some of the employees in our suitcase to bring back(it didn’t work) and headed back to the good ole USA.

Sunrise at the resort. Shout out to Elisha for getting up for this pic!

I’m so blessed to have been able to make this trip. I’m thankful for my friends that I traveled with and i’m looking for our trip next year!

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5 thoughts on “44 adventures with wine A6:W7 Ochos Rios, Jamaica

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your time here 🙂 I haven’t been to Dunn’s river in ages, mostly because I don’t like crowds and it tends to be crowded year-round, so I opt for other waterfalls around the island. And haha, I like the ‘keep on’ term, I’ll probably use it though I don’t tend to continue drinking if I don’t enjoy. The UB shirts by the way are sewn, designed, and distributed by a local manufacturer, definitely not Nike lol.

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